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This organization was officially formed, or set in motion by the untimely death of our friend Nick "The Stud Duck With the Fuzzy Nuts" on July 24th, 2006.  We had been talking about doing something like this for a couple of years.  It wasn't until Nicks passing that we got off of our lazy asses and did something about it.   We hope that the success of this organization will be a constant living memorial to Nick and all the others that have passed.  

There is one thing that we all seem to agree on.   We Love BOOBs!  Big or small we love them all.  They might not be one in the four food groups, but they are one of the things bikers like most.  You know, bikes, BOOBs, booze,  buds and most of all, Brotherhood.  Most of us still ride.  Some of us can't ride due to disabilities.  We all still share the same love for being in the wind, beautiful women, and the occasional kick ass party.  So, after long hours of painstaking thought, (which gave most of us a headache from all of that thinking) we decided to call ourselves the Brotherhood Of Old Bikers (or BOOBs).   As many of us are disabled, and can no longer ride, we thought that in the spirit of Brotherhood we would offer a membership especially for our disabled Brothers.  In this respect we can all gather socially in biker surroundings and atmosphere.   Brothers & Sisters can be part of an organization and still participate without riding. 



BOOBs Principles

1. Fun!

2. Respect to all riders in the wind!

3. Promote Brotherhood, Sisterhood, & Camaraderie!

4. True Belief In Old School Traditions & 21st Century Biker values Including Family!

5. Promote Diversity In Bikes & Members!

6. Support The Biker Community!

7. Promote Goodwill By Serving Our Communities!

8. Promote Safety By Example!

9. Share Our Love For Being In The Wind!

10. Strive Toward A Better Biker Image


Learn more about The Brotherhood - Visit the following link


Brotherhood Of Old Bikers - Founding Chapter




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